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a WINNING format!


High quality and operational simplicity

an exotic concept

Afrika Restaurant is characterized by the enormous quality of its products, combining entertainment, tradition, ritual and gastronomy in an original and exotic concept.

because an african restaurant

Simply because it is absolutely not common! In any city or town, the choice of venues remains almost identical.

Afrika Restaurant stands out from the crowd, giving the city an extremely valid alternative from all points of view. An atypical restaurant, with a wide selection of dishes suitable for everyone: carnivores, vegans, celiacs, children ... or even for a glass of South African wine or a good beer, without forgetting the famous bunna, the Ethiopian coffee known all over the world. world. Afrika Restaurant is a winning choice.

the warm atmosphere of Africa

the warm colors of the African flags unfold throughout the room, extrapolating the end customer from the surrounding urban environment, accompanying him in a corner where Africa breathes, as in a kind of intense and aromatic journey.

RED , symbol of the sacrifice for independence, and also the color of the spices we use, is predominant in sight, giving warmth and passion.

YELLOW , a symbol of peace and love, of the warmth of the sun and the richness of the earth, is present in all its nuances.

An area to sit on the floor, in a circle, around the main course, and feed everyone with your hands in a cordial and friendly coexistence, is always present and appreciated.

Wood, bamboo, cushions, rugs, for a casual and unique atmosphere.

el plato de Noche Vegana
Relax Area
Alta afluencia
tómate un momento por ti mismo.

turnkey project

  • Consulting in the search for the best location.

  • Room layout

  • Lease negotiation

  • Consulting in bureaucratic activities.

  • Furniture and technical equipment.

  • Operational manuals are completed with all procedures, standard forms and operation guides with clear and detailed technical sections.

  • License to use the brand and corporate identity and supply of personalized clothing for sales personnel.

  • Centralized supply of raw materials and / or suppliers indicated by the parent company.

  • Assistance in the search for personnel.

  • Theoretical and multidisciplinary practical training of operators and managers.

  • Assistance during the opening.

  • Continuous support for the activity.

  • Guided support in the management of brand guidelines.

minimum investment

€ 85,000 for a restaurant up to 100m² in size



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