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Phone: 648 760 498


we are open

from Tuesday to Saturday

13:00 - 23:30

3 sisters


Together with his wife, Genet, who is the soul of the restaurant. He has created the best Ethiopian restaurant in Italy (country of origin) and started the first Ethiopian food truck in all of Europe.

Now he faces this new challenge: Make the culture and flavors of his wife's land known to all his friends in the Canary Islands.

Ivan, general manager
Chef Genet

Genet - CHEF

He learned all the recipes from his homeland, working as a cook at Dire Dawa. Years of cooking for families has allowed the recipes to be optimized, keeping all the flavors, but giving them a touch of home that makes each dish special.


His calm, his sweetness and his passion makes him a fantastic cook.
try the dishes and then tell me if it's not true!

Chef Messer
Kokobe, dining room manager

Messer - CHEF

She is the youngest sister in the group, and she knows how to do everything in the restaurant. a very good girl

Kokobe - CHEF


She's a cook, she's a waitress, she's the official Ethiopian coffee girlfriend. You can't do without it in the restaurant.

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